Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sock fun!

Ooh la la, its been fun around here. I had some yummy sock yarn but only one skein so I am making footsies. The pattern I'm using only required 190 yards and I have 275. Yeah! So I cast on Sat for my first personal pair of footie socks. I am loving the colorway and hopefully will be able to upload a pic tomorrow ~ just got some batteries and Sk8Chick's camera needs a USB cable. Anywho, I got some quality knitting time in this weekend and I am very pleased w/my progress ~ several things finished and I'll update more later. I think I should go to bed being its 2am. ;D

Have an awesome day!

~ on the homestead ~ (later today)
menu ~ fresh baked bread, homemade waffles, baked fish,
cornbread and string beans
handiwork ~ socks and more...
sounds ~ Building 429's new cd, Iris to Iris
smells ~ fresh linen

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