Monday, May 21, 2007

WIPs/FOs ~ camera is working ;D

Okay, since blogger is being tempermental (I lost my last post) I'm going to keep this short, well kinda. Here are some overdue pics of WIPs/FOs and an update for SAL. Enjoy!

(Charity Hat #1)

(May KAL dishcloth ~ Daffodils)


(April KAL dishcloth ~ 3 crosses)


(Apr Mid-Month KAL dishclothes)

(my first baby sock ~ the one w/missing rows ;D)

(my first pair of baby socks)

(my 1st footie just for me)

SAL update:
1. Baby Kimino done (still need to block then photo)
2. No Sweat Socks No Pedestrian Peds (see above pic)
3. Wristlets ~ had to frog and change needles (plan to cast on this week)
4. SS ~ Baby Socks from Simply Baby book done
5. SS ~ 2 Dishclothes from MDKAL done (see above pic - may)

OTNs ~ previously mentioned WIPs:
1. Baby Kimono ~ #2 70% done frogged right sleeve
2. Dishclothes ~ monthly mid-month project done (see above april pic)

I don't have much on the needles, only 3 projects and I am planning to add about 3 more. More dishclothes, socks for hubby and my No Sheep ~ Tuscany. Hmm, I'll be a bit busy. ;D

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Wendy said...

Ooh, I like the colors on your peds.

It looks like you are just W(h)IPping right along!