Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekly Update

Whew! another week over and done. Mine was long and I am glad its over. However, this week will not be any easier and I'm taking extra care to rest. One thing that is wonderful about last week is I experienced the tranquil, relaxing moment that knitting can create. I was having a very stressful moment, more than one actually, while volunteering at the LPGA and I pulled out my knitting and did a couple of rows of garter stitch. As I stitched, I began to relax and feel at peace again. I was experiencing some major PMS symptons and I'm glad I packed my knitting. Now I've crocheted for years and don't recall ever experiencing such a moment of rest ~ it also helped that I began to pray as I stitched. The LPGA was fun, I learned alot and made some new friends but it was intense at times due to our crazy weather.

I've not finished anything ~ which also means I didn't get to put my baby kimino into the drawing for KTC but thats okay it will make one very beautiful baby gift when it is done. I really didn't get much knitting done because I was helping the person in charge of the volunteers which left no room to sit and knit. :D We did manage to go to the potluck this month after all, we didn't think we would be able to because of a concert. The concert was actually on thursday so we had fun with our knitting friends. I got help w/my baby sock, because the first one didn't come out quite right. Well, thats because I missed a few rows ~ oops! I did finish my first sock and will make a match when I'm done with the pair I've started. I guess I did get some knitting done after all because that first sock is done and I've started another and last night began shaping the toe which means I'm almost done. Yeah me!

Well, I'm off to work on my sock and listen to an audiobook. Have a wonderful evening and week, if I don't get back on before Sat. ;D

ps ~ I didn't buy any yarn when we were at the potluck. :D

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