Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good day to You

*Special Note ~ Dear NSPal, you are still in good graces with me. ;D I look forward to your lovely package when you are able to send it. No prob ~ have an awesome day.

Its a school work day ~ I'm planning our summer sessions and collecting books. I'm hoping to get this finished up today so we can start on Friday. I will be working on my charity projects this weekend, this time I am knittng washcloths for our troops. It is such an honor and privilege to do something to support and encourage them. I pray for them daily but this will be more tangible and I like that idea a lot.

Around the house, still spring cleaning ~ slow but coming along. The girls assignment is the bathroom today and Da Boy will work on the carpet and kitchen floor. Yes, our boy does housework, it will strengthen is character, given his life skills and keep all of us humbled because we are part of the same family working together. My father taught me that because his grandmother taught him that and there was't anything my dad didn't know how to do. Speaking of which, he taught me to sew and I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea for Da Boy too. He knows how to do basic hand stitching because I taught him that but to actually sew simple garments like ties, shorts and stuff, may come in handy for the db later in life. One never knows, does one. ;D

Its dreary here, still raining and is expected to rain for the next few days. I don't think we can take anymore rain but I'm praying that it drains off quickly since some areas are flooding. Don't like that, I've experienced being in a flash flood and being a flooded area, not pretty. The visit from the birds ~ cardinals, blue jays and robins, when its not pouring and the rabbits keep it a bit more pleasant though.

I've spent a few minutes today typing my blog posts in word while drinking my new coffee "Wild Divine" its very strong and flavorful. I'm enjoying it, thx Wendy. I hope she enjoys the organic blend I sent her, I've not tried it yet but the one she will get in the day or two is good too. I'm sending her some "Serena" which is also an organic blend from Starbucks which is absolutely delicious. ;D I wanted to share this with her because she was the reason I tried it.

I'm working on a meal plan since I was diligent to grocery shop this week and stayed under budget. Woohoo! Thats been a long time comin' but I managed it. If things go according to plan which means that I'm not extremely tired when I get home from work, we will have a delicious homecooked meal of baked fish, corn bread and string beans. Sk8Chick cooked last night, she prepared tuna salad which was very much welcomed on a hot day. She also made a large pitcher of iced tea ~ which is almost gone and I've not had any yet. ;D Anyway, I'm finding that the planning ahead keeps life a bit simplier which is really something I'm working toward which is why I've returned to typing my posts then copying and pasting them into the blog. It does save much time and frustration too. It also gives me more time to visit blogs, read and respond to emails and simply enjoy my time online.

Off I go to clean up my bathroom, prepare for work ~ need to finish my hair and nails, then back to my footie. Have a great day!


robin said...

I love ice tea in the summer - my favorite is the Republic Tea. I too made a pitcher of it yesterday, and it is 1/2 gone (and I'm the only one drinking it!) Blackberry Sage and Mango Ceylon are my faves...

Wendy said...

Glad you're digging the coffee! I love my package from you, esp. the washcloth. So cool & great texture.

I hear ya on the food.
One of my goals for this week is to clean out the fridge and get us back on track meal-wise. I think I'll try meal plans like Alison (of Pretending Sanity) and I'm signing us up for CSA to get us out of the food ruts I'm prone to. It's like an embarrassment of riches situation over here, where there is so much stuff in the fridge I can't even tell what our options are--until it's all brown and wobbly and inedible it seems. ;)