Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whats goin' on....

Around here, lots. I worked the weekend at the store ~ which btw is a bear when its dreary outside and no one comes in. ;D I worked today but that was okay. Yesterday, I was exhausted, I think ~ I really don't know what was up w/me. I was tired, achy and just had no energy for anything. I did manage to take pics of the goodies I received on Friday though I need to go over and thank these folks publicly on the group blogs ~ sorry ;D I managed to finished off my first "Not Ped" and start the second ~ no one sock syndrome here. I spent a good deal of time working on the WUA squares and finished off the last charity hat. I didn't get to the wristlets but since it is an ongoing project, I'll get them done. I found a really cool pattern over at knitty's that Sk8Chick has been working on ~ she's done 2 sets and working on the 3rd. The pattern says they can be done in a weekend which she did and some. I may just venture to do these instead of the ones I had planned. They are called "Fetching" and are under the archives for gloves/mittens, if your interested.

Without further ado ~ here are my packages.
First up ~ SP10 reveal: The lovely Kris ~ please stop by and visit here and tell her I sent ya. She is an absolute wonderful woman. I am very grateful that she was my SP and loved everyone minute of the exchange.

Here is the group shot of my goodies:

~ Lovely yarn ~

~ Books & patterns ~

~ More yarn and Brittany needles ;D ~

~ Wonderful treats & chocolates ~

Next up ~ Knitters' Coffee Swap ~ from the lovely Wendy in sunny Cal. She is amazing and it was very hard to shop for this here lady ~ she is a spinner and dyes her own yarn along w/teaches knitting. Man, it wasn't easy but I hope I was able to get her something she could use. You can visit her here and if you are in her neck of the woods, make sure you stop in and see her.

Group Shot (please forgive me, my lovely "Yarn Garden" bag was in use so missed the photo shoot ~ I'll take one tomorrow :D)

~ Delicious yarn in reds ~

~ Yummy treats ~

~ Oh la la Coffee ~

~ Book & more ~

*close of up stitch markers coming
Here are the peds and I'm now off to bed b/c its almost midnight here and I'm tired.

I'll update this post tomorrow w/details of each package but gotta go, please forgive me ;D

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