Sunday, June 17, 2007

Looks like I'll hafta....

breakdown and get a new computer and a new car. Ok, lets backup a bit. As you know, I've just returned from my roadtrip to NC but what you don't know is that the friday before I wrecked my car. ;D I was taking my kiddos and a neighbor kid to the potluck at our fav LYS when I hit a curb. The damage was to the right side of the vehicle to include the tire that needed to be replaced and the rear one which was new. After the tire shop checked out the van, we found out that I had done way more damaged than first appeared to the tune of $2500. Needless to say, I don't have that kinda of cash laying around besides the van isn't worth it either. So we have been car shopping for the past 2 weeks while driving a rental. It has been a bit of a frustrating search because my dear computer decided it doesn't want to work online anymore. I even tried 3x to do this post but it either timeout, get stuck or won't let me on the net at all. We really need to get a new computer, one that is faster, sleeker and maybe even 2 of them. We've been using a refurbished computer with dialup for about 3 yrs and its worked well until now. We are doing more online, plus there are 5 of us using it and some of the sites we use the computer just can't handle the graphics.

So, if any of you have a car for sale or know of one and have a good computer and internet service recommendations ~ please send them my way. I'd greatly appreciate it so that my computer time can be reduced from 4 frustrating hours to 1hr of total enjoyment.

On the knitting front ~ I finished both dishclothes (pics later today because I can't upload new pics to the computer when I'm online it freezes the computer plus I'm off to work. LOL) and I am doing the toe shaping for the baby socks. Need to get those wristlets done ~ not as motivated as I once was on those and may switch to making another baby hat. I'll need to complete either by friday to mail out to Loopy Ewe. We are wrapping up swaps and it looks like I'll be sitting out for the next few months because its not as much fun as it was in the beginning. Don't miss understand, I've enjoyed my SP10 pal ~ she's awesome, I've enjoyed spoiling my sp ~ thats been the best part, I've enjoyed my Crochetswap ~ those have been totally great, I really liked my sock swap ~ pretty cool yarn; but there is so much to keep up with, difficult and unfriendly people to deal with let alone how to respond when people don't follow through and you don't get anything and the biggie ~ the slow, uncooperative computer. I believe the difficult people is truly the reason I'm sitting out for a bit ~ they make it not worth the effort and remove the fun of it all. I'm sure I'll do them in the future but I need to focus on other things for now and then I'll think about being a blessing again.

Time to go to work ~ talk w/you lovely people later. Hope you all have a wonderful day of knitting, eating and spoiling dad.

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