Thursday, June 14, 2007

Updating, its a bit late....

hopefully, better late than never. I have been out of pocket since last tuesday because of a trip to NC. This trip was like a continual education class for me. You know being a homeschool mom, I need to keep current to be effective. Anywho, it was an opportunity to meet some other moms and educators who use Charlotte Mason principles. It was great because Sk8Chick and I got to talk, share and enjoy each others company on the 16hr drive. She also got to spend time alone w/God while I was in class, I believe that was really awesome for her. I was able to be around some of my mentors, especially my dear friend, Leslie. It was nice to meet some of the people I talk to online and put a name with a face. The yarn shops were about 1hr away but time just didn't permit but its okay because we made some new friends and I would much rather have them.

Just before I left, I received 2 packages in the mail. I haven't been able to take pictures but I must note them so that the senders know how much I loved them. Especially this first one because its due to Good Yarn Karma (click link in sidebar) that I was able to snap this lovely up from the generous Chelsea ~ Vogue Knitting Vintage Collection. Its so awesome ~ classic knits from the 1930s -1960s. I can't wait to make something. It will be a dream come true b/c I've wanted to make something but never have. I own several sewing patterns for this era but still never made anything.

I also received my swap package from my partner in the Crochetswap (click link in sidebar) ~ she sent me some love things. I hope my partner liked what I sent her as much as I liked mine. In my box was the following (pic later): six stitch markers in a storage case, lovely yarn ~ New England Highland wool High Bluegrass, metal circular needles size 3.5mm, post it note pad, lovely journal w/pen, bag of candy, 2 patterns in sheet protectors ~ socks and wristwarmers, measuring tapes, votive candles and holder, Black Cherry Berry tea ~ yummy, 2 tropical lip balms, and last but definitely not least one of my wish list books ~ Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot. Oooh, Mary was too good to me. It was a great package and I will have take a pic so you can see just how lovely.

I also received my sock yarn from my Superfluous Sock yarn swap. My partner Lexy had a family situation which delayed her sending my package (still praying). So as a thank you for waiting, she sent me 2 balls of yarn. Yeah me! The first ball is sock yarn ~ On Line Linie 3 supersocke 100 highland color ~ Partie. I can't wait to knit this up. I've been wondering about this yarn after seeing a post on my WhoduKnit blog. Now I have my very own. The second ball is not labeled but is truly beautiful. Its a mix of colors that remind me of a sunset. I will definitely need to take a pic so you can see its beauty.

On other fronts ~ I just found out that I have won a few things. Woohoo! Over on the Knitters Coffee swap ~ my entry for the coffee yarn and pattern was chosen. Yeah! I also correctly answered a trivia question for our May book over at WhoduKnit. I got to pick a book and I've chosen "Needled to Death" which is the second book to Knit One, Kill Two. Now thats a way to return from a long trip I'd say. It appears that I also correctly answered a riddle on my penpal group. The fun just keeps coming. You all need to join in, I promise you'll have a grand ole time.

Whew! I'm whipped now ~ need more sleep. I recently returned from hanging out at our local Starbucks w/my girls. There was a local band playing so we stayed and listen. I tried a new coffee ~ Serena, which is a medium bodied organic blend. I really enjoyed it ~ both cups. ;D I managed to knit more on my dishcloth ~ almost done now, played mexican train w/Sk8Chick ~ which I beat her 4 straight games (this doesn't happen usually), and I took pics of my knitting with that lovely cup of coffee. I'll try to upload them ~ I haven't figured out how yet, they are on my new camera phone. We made some new friends and I look forward to meeting them and hanging out at the Starbucks again. The band was "The Winter Wake Up," they are from Kansas.

Regarding swaps ~ I've picked up the last of the goodies for most of them and will get them out tomorrow. I still need to do something about my coffee swap b/c I don't have her address. LOL That can be fixed though, she's been recovering from twisting her ankle. I hope she is doing well. Its time for our last SP10 packages and to reveal ourselves. I'm setting up clues for my spoilee and hopefully she'll figure out who I am. ;) A few of my swap groups are taking summer breaks and I believe its time for me to take one too. Swapping is fun but it requires a lot of time and effort that I am short on at the moment. The store is having a big sale which requires more hours, the kiddos have some summer school work to do, I need to plan our next term.....and the list goes on. I don't want to be a slacker or fail to give my best so being off for the summer is going to be a good thing. It will also allow me an opt to re-stock and buy some yarn specifically for giving.

Now off to find a really cool tote bag pattern for my june crochetswap and get some sleep. I picked up the yarn tonight for a really good price and I'm so excited. I just may be able to get this in the mail tomorrow too. Now that would be somethin'. Talk w/you later.

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