Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Once was lost and now....

has been found. Yes, folks the missing sock and project bag has been located. Now the funny thing is ~ how did it get in the completed basket?! Don't know but glad I was looking for some finished charity projects to mailout when I found it. Yeah! So now I can get the first finished and start the second. So for my SAL update: I only have one project left from the original and thats these here socks ~ "No Peds". Thats a nice feeling.

Btw, I finished the 2nd pair of Two needle socks which also completed my comparing project. The new socks are much smaller (pic later) than the first pair though I used the same pattern size, same needles but used the recommended yarn. What a difference it made. Though they are both nice socks, I will take care to read my labels more carefully so that I don't have these surprises in the future. I hope I can find some lovely toddler who will take these socks ~ b/c they are definitely too big for any of the newborns. ;D

I'll update tomorrow with pics and the new WIP count ~ found some stuff I had laid aside, not much but worth mentioning and maybe done by then too.

Have a great evening.

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