Monday, June 18, 2007

What a weekend....

Its been very busy around here mostly getting packages mailed and ready for mailing. Whew! I thought planning and shopping for the goodies was fun but I think wrapping them and packing is the most fun. So, SP and various swap partners be on the lookout ~ there are some goodies headed your way. I've managed to take pics of some of the goodies that aren't to be a secret, they are listed below. Yesterday was dh's day ~ we gave him his present the night before so that he would enjoy it while I was at work. Well, he decided not to open it until suggested cooking dinner with it. I must tell you, I was pleasantly surprised when he not only opened it, cleaned it but he cooked dinner. ;D It was his day and he blessed us with dinner, now thats an awesome day if I say so myself. We had grilled chicken ~ with some very peppery season of his choice, white rice, salad and french bread. Yummy! We even got to spend the afternoon together because I was allowed to leave work early. ;D

Here is what we gave him ~ sorry its abit blurred but its a George Foreman grill and cleaning sponges. He was very happy!

Now on the knitting n swapping front:

I finished my 2nd pair of Two needled socks. They are lovely and I'll take a pic once I seam them up.

I finished the DIY Exchange cloth and its time to send it out. Oh, this is so much fun. I get to share something I made with something someone else gave me. Its extra special and I hope my partner likes it. Here is the finished cloth. I used the daffodils pattern from my other dishcloth group ~ hopefully you can see it. It is a bit smaller than the other 2 I made but I believe its still lovely.

I participated in another Magic Ball Swap. We were to wrap things to pamper our partner in the yarn and I had a lot of fun getting this one together. I really hope Knittygurl likes it.

(these are the items selected for the ball ~ the body cream is missing that was also included)

(this is the yarn I used ~ Cascade Sierra in a lovely purple)

(this is the finished ball ~ it sure is round huh?! ;D)

I've ordered some books, cds and yarn and hopefully everything will arrive on time for my remaining swaps. I really am looking forward to the cd arrival and send out ~ its extra special. My coffee swap partner is doing well and I've wrapped up her coffee and goodies ~ her yarn is being special delivered. ;D So all thats left is to continue sending clues to my spoilee and wait for the postman.

I've nothing on the needles at the moment ~ well outside of the lost sock which I still haven't found the project bag. LOL I am thinking about picking up the white baby kimino and get that over and done with. I'm kinda bored but that should be remedy really quick with several new cloth kals that have started. I think I just need to spend some time outside and get a new perspective. I am working on my love walk and have been challenged lately in this area which may mean I need to spend more time working on it. ;D Its all good and I'm sure these tribulations shall pass too ~ they always do for God is soo much bigger than it all and He is why I do what I do.

Have an awesome day all!

~ at the homestead ~
dinner ~ cornbread, chicken and rice w/a salad
(got a great deal on chicken breast ;D)
sounds ~ Kenny G
smells ~ BBWs Kitchen Spice ~ smells like cookies today
planning ~ school and fun
doing ~ blogging, reading and soon to be bird watching & knitting
thoughts ~ Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.
(1 Jn 4:11)

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