Thursday, June 21, 2007

Planning, Postman n Presents

Whew! lots going on around here. We are doing our spring cleaning ~ yes I know its summer but you have to do it when you have the time. I'm hoping to get most of it done by next week so that I can enjoy the summer. Plus by doing this cleaning, packing to move at the end of summer will be a piece of cake. Well, at least thats my theory. LOL I am going thru my books and taking a look at several to help with the cleaning and packing. We need a plan for our lifestyle b/c we will still be homeschooling for a couple days a week in the summer, can't pack everything up and will still need some items in order to be productive. I will be looking at my flylady stuff, my simplify your life books, my don aslett books and couple of others that I have ~ too many to name, in order to pick the right one for us. Who knew I had so many books on organization. It used to be a natural habit for me until recently. I've got to get my grove back, I hate not being able to find something I knew I own to avoid buying more than one. ;D You all know what I'm talking about plus it will greatly help me be prepared for the move, future swaps and the opening of our online bookstore. Yeah ~ online bookstore another way to declutter.

Now about the postman and presents. I received 3 packages in the past 2 days ~ details below:

May SPE (penpal group) Flowers theme
(erasers, wind chime, lei, mesh sponge, candles, bath soap, body lotion, 3D night light, nail buffer, coasters, note paper, journals and handheld fan. Thx Sherry ;D

April BABE ~ from my angel Debb ~
Kathleen Gilles Seidel book "More Than You Dreamed" ~ I've not read anything by this author so it should be good, 2 bookmarks, 2 hand knitted squares, 2 notecards, Book of Reflections, lovely handmade picture frame, notepad and a lovely handwritten card.
Thank you very much Debb.

May BABE ~ from Gina ~
2 Books ~ My 2nd favorite Robin Jones Gunn book "SisterChicks in Gondolas!" and an autographed copy of "learning to breathe gain" by Tammy Trent, Women of Faith cd, 3 skeins of Bernat's Baby Coordinates Sweet Stripes in yellow n white, Mary Englebreit notepad and note cards, yummy peanut butter filled kisses and a beautiful note.

Thank you very much from one Proverbs 31 woman to another ~ you are awesome and a blessing!

I better go now and get back to work. I need to still get our math book printed, post on the BABE blog and send a couple of emails. Have an awesome day. Btw, if you get a chance ~ stop by the Yarn Harlot, she's got a really great post I'd think you all might enjoyed as much as I did.

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And yet, nothing from your No Sheep swap pal. Soon, I promise!