Saturday, June 30, 2007

Whats up?!

man, do you ever have trouble coming up with titles? I'm going to have to get real creative in this area and soon. However, there are some new things happening around our homestead. I have started the washclothes I'm doing for the troops and I'm learning a few new things. I've got a couple of WIPs now and thats a good thing b/c the needles could get lonely.

As several swaps have come to an end as well as the SP10, which I'm going to miss, I've decided to join a couple of swaps. Yes, I know I said I was going to stop swapping for awhile but I had joined 2 of them prior to that decision and recently found a few really cool ones over on
Swap Bot that I wanted to be apart of. I hope my SP10 spoilee likes her final package. Hmm, I wonder if she ever figured out who I was from my clues.

Below are the plans, progress report and WIPs for July:

SAL Progress
As of today:
1. Baby Kimino done

2. No Sweat Socks Not Pedestrian Peds ~ working foot section of 2nd footie
3. Wristlets Two Tone Socks ~ 2nd pair done
4. SS ~ Baby Socks from Simply Baby book done
5. SS ~ 4 Dishcloths
*photos later ~ July 15 is my goal finish date and I'm right on schedule though losing my sock for 3 weeks didn't help. I think I'd finish by now if I hadn't. Oh well, at least I have it now and its almost done. Yippee!


(various colors in LB and SnC cottons)

My goals for this round:
6 dishcloths
4 washcloths
* the washclothes are for a charity project/the dishclothes ~ 2 for swaps and the others for christmas presents

Now I know this doesn't seem like much but given that July will be a bit busy for me, I'm staying conservative on my goals. Plus I've got some plans for knitting myself something special too. That is after those peds are done. ;D

~ Crochetalcoholic June: Tote/Beach Bag ~ purchased everything, need to pickup candy and will send off tomorrow. ;D
~ Yarn Addicts: Pink ~ purchased yarn; awaiting partner
~ I Love Sock Yarn ~ purchased yarn; awaiting partner
~ Dishcloth Addicts III ~ 2 clothes part of the above, have other items in stash and
will print patterns; awaiting partners
~ Chapstick/Lip Balm ~ have lip balm; awaiting partners
~ Tea Swap ~ purchased a really nice tea cup and saucer, need to gather tea and goodies; awaiting partner

~ not peds ~ 2nd footie
~ window pane washcloth in blue/white cotton
~ fetching wristlets
~ 2 dishclothes: yellow and shades of blue cotton
total of 5 items

Time to get back to knitting and drinking splendid West Coast coffee "Merlot" ~ absolutely divine. You might need to get yourself some. Yes, do get some and you won't regret it, I promise. ;D

ps ~ Robin, thx for sharing your iced tea favs. I'm adding them to our list
to try next week.


robin said...

You're welcome on the iced tea selections!! I think I drank a whole pitcher of it myself on Saturday when sitting outside!

You have a ton of swaps going on. I just signed up for SP11 - just FYI, if you signed up yesterday, there was a problem with the site and you have to re-sign up.

Talk soon!

Jane said...

Is West Coast Coffee Merlot Coffee, or wine? Either way it sounds good!