Thursday, July 05, 2007

Computer Woes!

I've been offline for need rest but mainly because it has been frustrating to use our computer at home. I am now considering my options for internet use but don't really want to burden the family income nor have to work more hours than I already do a week. Its not a very easy option for a mom who wants and needs to be home to have the luxuries of working from home with out some sacrifices. I'm resigned to not working full time until both kiddos graduate but this computer thing....I'm thinking its time for change. I've weighed my options, I could either spend about $3 in gas money to go to the library daily ($90 mo) or switch phone service that would give me DSL, phone & cable for about $100. I'd actually save $$ since I would no longer have the dial up fees or the phone bill. Hmm, definitely something to think and pray about. ;D

I've been doing some homemaking in my online silence. We celebrated the 4th together at our house again this year. I actually worked at the store for 3 hrs, this was the first time I've ever worked the holiday and it will be the last. Didn't like it but I could just be spoiled. LOL We had burgers, grilled chicken, baked beans, salad and chips. It was great. We had ice cream sodas for dessert, which are yummy. On the 3rd, I made homemade spaghetti sauce and for dinner we had spaghetti casserole which is a fav around here. I have sauce for about 2 additional meals and its almost time to go shopping again. I really did it ~ I stuck to my budget, I planned a few meals (yes, you read that right) and I managed to still have food left before going shopping again. Its a good thing too since the budget is a bit tight for the 1st of the month. I'm still in shock at the price of milk ~ $3.75 at Walmart, just totally unbelievable. I don't get it ~ everything is going up except the wages. Thats another story and I don't feel like gripping at the moment, so on to more pleasant things.

Knitting ~ I finished my footies. I've got them on now, yeah me! There would be a pic but its abit dark in the house and outside for that matter with the recent storms. We haven't had any flooding in my area but its not been a good time for most of the state. I've been praying the rain to those states that need it with the fires and that we don't have fire issues in Aug when it gets really dry.

I've been working on my dishcloths (3 WIPs) and washcloths (1 WIP) too. I'm half way thru the 3 dishcloths which is really good since the partners will be issued tomorrow and I'd like to put these in the mail this weekend. I've been taking a long look at my swaps and realized that I may have done one too many. ;D Its all good ~ I can complete them all but I think having no more than 3 going at once would be best for the future especially if any are international. I will be visiting the PO to send off several packages this weekend and checking out shipping rates. I have 3, count them 1-2-3, international partners. Its really cool but at the same time I'm asking ~ will it be pricey for shipping?! It will get done because thats the way I do things but I will be mindful of these things in future so as not to create any issues for myself. I've enjoyed shopping for these swaps and I look forward to sending them. I believe I enjoy giving more and more with each gift/swap. Now thats worth all the shipping fees, I think, the joy of giving pleasure to someone else.

Speaking of giving pleasure ~ on Monday, I received a box from my No Sheep Pal, she is awesome. It was all done up in red ~ my fav color, how'd she know. ;D Here are the pics I did manage to take before the storms.

3 Yankee Candle Factory candles ~ country linen, french vanilla, sunwashed linen, tea light holders, Dionis lotion ~ vanilla bean, Louet 100% Wet Spun Linen ~ fine/sock weight and a Sheep card (think we all are using these ~ LOL)

Simply awesome package and all I thought I was to get was non-wool yarn and a handwritten note. Thank you NSPal, I loved everything.

Need to go while the connection is working and update my other blogs, read emails ~ you know what happens when you've been offline for a bit, things pile up and I've got at least 4 email accounts to check on not to mention the groups I help moderate and visit a few blogs. ;) Have a great evening.

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