Monday, July 30, 2007

Homebound & Lovin' it

The weekend is over and I'm glad. Now don't misunderstand, I'm not glad that Riley's birthday is over ~ that part was actually fun. But I'm glad that the stress of start of the weekend is over. We had a lot of running around to do before returning the rental to the airport plus I worked at the store which I'd rather not have done. Then that little nasty cold thing returned which made me feel absolutely miserable which I truly believe added to the stress or was caused by the stress ~ hmm, not sure but it didn't help. ;D Yesterday, I managed to pull a muscle in my lower back which has resulted in pinching a nerve. I can't sit for long nor can I lay down for long but its starting to ease this morning. I spending less time on the computer so that I can get things in order around the house and relax.

Homebound ~ oh yeah that. Well, without a car, what else could I be. ;D I'm enjoying the prospects of being home without anywhere to go. It will give me a lot of time to think, pray, plan and yes, clean. I am looking forward to starting my new knitting projects, planning the online bookstores opening ~ yes, this is well past due, and getting ready for our studies, another pass due thing. :D Plus if I'm home more, than I can visit more of my friends online too. Yeah me! So, I'm homebound and lovin' it. Its a great feeling to get up and know that there are no deadlines, no pressing appointments, no need to race out the door, I can simply get things done that I've been putting off for far too long. Now I won't be able to do everything on this wonderful list of mine because of this back injury ~ can't bend over very well. LOL But I will give it a gallant effort.

I'm off to finish a new dishcloth I started last night, may even make another one. heehee Then I will clean the kitchen, plan dinner and start my shawl. Yeah ~ I've finally figured out the shawl pattern I found here. Its called "Frozen Lake" and starts with one stitch which is based off Yarn Harlot's shawl pattern. I'll post pics later or tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

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