Saturday, August 25, 2007

photo woes cont'd....

earlier I thought I would have to write a totally different post than what will follow. It went something like this:
"as if it couldn't get any worse.....but it has. all the pictures are now gone from the camera. I have no pics. ;(*

I'm so glad to report that I don't have to start this post like that nor do I have to be sad any longer. It appears that my camera and its batteries were the problem. Most of the pics are gone that were on the camera but since we had uploaded those to the computer it was ok. I'm not sure what happened but the camera and software worked together and rebooted my camera with the pics that hadn't been loaded. Yeah me! So here are the pics I wanted to share and I'll try to describe them. ;D

~ LB Wool Ease (1 sk used)
~ Country Cousin Blanket Squares ~

~ PnC Sea Mist plus White & SnC Periwinkle (2 1/2 sk used)
~ 2 Sonia's Speedy Dishcloths ~

~ SnC Natural Ombre and Natural (1 sk used)
~ Sonia' Speedy Dishcloth (pic to coming soon) ~

~ FO Dishcloth in PnC Denim ~ (1 sk used)

~ Lip Balm Swap 2 ~

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Robin said...

Sorry on the camera woes, but glad you are back in business! Hope your weekend is going well!