Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Something new....

in preparation for making my Mirepoix Bodice, I have agreed to work on a simplified fair isle pattern. Now fair isle is not for the faint at heart nor is it really for a beginning knitter. I have advanced from a beginning to an advanced beginner but I am also one who is willing to take a challenge and run with it. So when the kal for this lovely sweater came along I was all for it because its so beautiful. However, I've never done fair isle and my wonderful new knitting mentor thought I'd like trying something simpler and to practice sweater making while I'm at it. I agreed w/her wisdom and as we were looking for substitute yarn for the sweater, we began looking for something to make in the interim ~ the kal begins in October. We discussed the "tomato" and I have done a swatch using cascade sierra and got my gauge w/8s instead of 7s (tight knitter syndrome). I've been looking for more of the lovely color of this yarn so that I could begin when I received my copy of Creative Knitting in the mail. In this issue, is a simplified fair isle sweater called "color play vest" using worst weight yarn. I pulled out several skeins of TLC essentials and some Caron Simply Soft to determine which would work. The actually vest was made with the Caron but I didn't have enough colors to make one that would be interesting to wear. LOL

Today, with Riley's help, have selected my 6 colors and created a swatch. The pattern called for 8s but I didn't get gauge with those and moved up to 10s. I did and began work. I'm pleased to say it is a lot of fun. I'll take a pic in the morning its too dark in here for you to see it clearly. I've been working on the left front of the vest instead of starting with the back ~ I was concerned that I wouldn't like it so didn't want to waste too much time or yarn on it. I'm pleased to say, I do like it very much and it looks very nice, well except for the first row of color change where I held the yarn abit too tight. I've managed to loosen it as much as possible so hopefully it will not be too obvious or create a fitting issue. Here is a pic from the article.

I am excited because it really is like working a cross-stitch project using yarn. I've only done needlepoint once but cross-stitch I love just as much as crocheting, I love reading the charts and figuring out how to get the picture on the blank cloth that was on the cover. I love puzzles too which is why I was intrigue by making the Mirepoix. It looks like a larger cross-stitch pattern and jigsaw puzzle all in one. ;D

Overall, its be a good day though it didn't end as I'd hope. Which is why I'm glad I'm enjoying my new project. We were set to go to a free concert this evening to hear the group "Leeland" but we didn't get to go nor to the knit night. I was feeling abit bummed because I have been looking forward to this all summer but I'm getting better as I work on the sweater. My peds are coming along lovely too ~ I'm 6 rows from finishing the heel flap of the 2nd one.

I fixed dinner but it was something new too. I've never made this before but it was a hit. I took some fancy macaroni noodles ~ these were ones purchased at Williams Sonoma ~ and added a can of diced tomatoes, ground turkey and various seasons. I served it with green beans. Even my picky eater had seconds though I ended up w/her tomatoes ~ she doesn't eat them. ;D

I'm off now to return to my knitting and listening to audio books. I've finished Friends, Lovers, Chocolate by Alexander McCall Smith and almost done with The Mummy Case by Elizabeth Peters. I have a love/hate relationship with the heroine's of both books series. I'm enjoying it very much. More tomorrow, must update my file on simplifying my cleaning practices and my lovely clean kitchen ~ especially the sink. ;D

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