Monday, August 27, 2007

~ Vegan Pal 2 Contest #1 ~ pt 2

~ Yarn Review ~
Louet Euroflax
Sport Wt.
2.75-3.5 mm needles (2-4 US)
6 sts per inch
1300 yds/lb
100% Wet Spun Linen
~ I've never used linen before and was looking forward to it. I received this yarn as a gift in a No Sheep Swap and in my favorite color. After using it, I wouldn't say it is my favorite vegan yarn but I do love the finished product. The knitted items are very soft and squishy. Working with the yarn takes some getting use to. It is a single ply yarn which I wasn't aware of until after struggling w/it for about a week. After getting some input from some other knitters discovered that what I was experiencing with the yarn was typical and this made it a much better knit. The yarn is uneven ~ it can be thin then thick then thin again. It is abit pricy at about $19 a skein. The linen will make lovely garments but I think I'd rather sew with linen than knit with it. I'm not sure if I will be using it again anytime soon but would love to see my friend's curtains once he has been able to acquire the needed skeins to make them. The cost is delaying his project too.

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