Monday, August 20, 2007

~ Vegan Pal 2 Questionaire ~

Welcome and thank you VP2 Pal, I look forward to getting to know you.

What is/are your craft(s), & how long have you been doing it/them?
Crocheting ~ 30+yrs, Knitting ~ consistently for 6mos, Cross-stitch, Wreath making, Sewing and various other handicrafts for over 20yrs or so.

Are you a vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious, veg-friendly or other?
Veg-friendly w/a dh who is moving toward being vegetarian again.

Is this your first swap, or have you done previous swaps before? What makes a swap enjoyable for you?
No, this is not my first swap, I've done several and love doing them. The the most enjoyable part is putting together something special for someone else.

What is/are your favorite color(s)? Do you particularly dislike any color(s)?
Reds, no dislikes that I know of.

Do you have any allergies (such as pets, foods, fibers or cigarette smoke)?
Some cat dander, cigarette smoke and hazelnut.

Do you have any companion animals? If so, name(s) and type(s)?*
Yes, his name is Dude Jr but he is called "Poochie". He is a german shepherd mix.

Do you collect anything?
Books, lighthouses and sea shells.

Do you have a favorite vegan food, snack or dish? If no fav that's vegan (for those who aren't vegan), what's your favorite food? (Hopefully your pal can find a vegan version!)
My fav food is chinese. My fav snack is cookies and chocolate ~ gotta have chocolate but I am open to trying new things.

What are some of your favorite/least favorite tastes/flavors? (e.g. sweet, salty, chocolate, crunchy, smooth, tart, sour, spicy, thai, whatever - Help your pal get a feel for what kind of recipes you might like and/or never ever make.)
Hmm, not sure that I have any flavors I don't like. I am partial to all especially sweets and chocolate though I have my moments when something salty, nutty, tart would be really good. Again, I'm open to trying new things which is how I came to love curry foods.

What tools/supplies/accessories for your craft(s) are you wishing you had but don't? Also, what do you have TOO many of? (basically a wish and anti-wish list)
A yarn winder would be nice but more practical would be small size needles in circs or dpns ~ I prefer birch or aluminium. I don't really have too much of anything yet. ;D

Are you on Ravelry? What's your handle?
Yes ~ I'm RockstarMom

Is there anything else you would like your pal to know about you?
I'm a stay at home mom of 3 teens, married and love to volunteer. I've renewed my love of fiber to include yarns of all types and I'm loving my new found hobby more than I did when I first learned at 11yo. I'm looking forward to this new adventure and making new friends. ;D

What scents do you like/dislike?
Vanilla, amber, sunflowers, and fresh, clean scents. Plain Eucalyptus makes me sneeze ~ but mixed w/other scents like spearmint is lovely.

Do you prefer fall or Halloween or some other Autumn theme?
Fall is my favorite time of year ~ I'm a fall baby born in Nov. ;D

Just for fun - tell your favorite Halloween or Autumn related memory.

Hmm, there are alot of memories ~ I'll get back to you on this one.


ellie said...

Thanks for joining the swap!

Robin said...

Interesting answers! I would have to categorize myself as veg-friendly as well. My husband, unfortunately, is veg-unfriendly, so I can't categorize myself as veg-curious as I know what the reaction would be if I went veg.

If you are ever in Kohler, Wisconsin - you MUST try one of their special turtles they make there as their trademark- they are salty and chocolaty at the same time. Hmmm, I wonder if they can be ordered online....too bad it's not on the way up to Rhinelander (they're on Lake Michigan and RL is north central WI.)