Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Assessment day

Wow a lot has been going on around here and I realize today that my life has been moving way to fast. Not only am I moving fast, but nothing is really getting done. I will be 40 in less than 20 days and I haven't done anything that I'd hope to do before that big day. The biggest issue I have, is my lifestyle which has changed back to my old life. Hmm, my life isn't looking very simplistic or frugal at the moment and I'm not happy. I was wondering why I was beginning to burnout and feel discontent and now I know.

As I was surfing Ravelry, I stumbled upon a couple of groups that made me stop and think. Now as I was reading the intros to these groups, I started to assess my lifestyle and how far it was off my original plan. Yeah, I know some of you are going I told you so but I am finally getting it. I need to get back to my plans for living a more simple life. I really need to slow down the stash enhancement, swapping and running around that I've been doing. I need to spend more time at home, using the stash I have, reading my books, relaxing and simply being. My focus has been off and I know that my turning down a full-time job the other was the beginning of the process for me to realize I was burning my candle at both ends. Now to get my family on the same page with me. My dh didn't understand why I'd turn the job down and I didn't think we were on the same page for awhile. I have a full-time job ~ I'm a homeschooling mom of 2 college bound teens. ;) Well, sometime in the past 2yrs my family, and I, have lost sight of our purpose. I'm not sure where to start again but I'm willing to start. I subconsciously knew I was headed to this realization when I dropped out of several swaps but now I understand fully why it is important for me to weigh each endeavor I pursue against my goals.

What are these goals you might ask? To live a full life, enjoying the simple pleasures it brings. I don't desire to be striving to make a living, to acquire the latest and greatest on the market, nor do I desire to be always going and never sitting and being still. Unfortunately, our society breeds this attitude and I must stay one step ahead to keep from falling into the lie. Now to get my family back on track and focused so they too can avoid the trap. It will have to begin with me, right?! They say the mother is the heartbeat of the home. I choose this day to live a life full of the simpler things in life, to stretch our income to meet our needs and serve others, to live within the boundaries of that income and to be content where I am.

I can do this and still be a blessing to others. I'll just have to do it in smaller doses. Off to read some, clip my coupons and get organized ~ school starts next week.

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Heatherly said...

in case i dont tell you ... happy birthday :-)