Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I managed to upload my pics from the cell but blogger won't let me upload any. Pooh! You'll have to visit my ravelry to see the progress pics on my ISE5 scarf and new peds. I added them to my flickr and uploaded w/o a hitch. Hmm, blogger is having technical difficulties of late ~ wonder whats up with that.

Anywho ~ on the knitting front, I'm about to start the toe decrease on my first ped. I got some expert advice about my ISE5 last night ~ didn't like the look of it but I was informed it is right. I can't see the diagonal as it shows on the pattern but the colorway is very nice. My pics aren't very bright but they are better than nothing and I'll try again later to upload here. I even manage to get my knitted oreo pic uploaded, woohoo! Don't know if my swap pal got it yet.

Around here ~ I'm considering my ways. I've been wondering how to make the ends meet each month and not feel stressed. I'm home alone w/the dog and its very peaceful. I've enjoyed the quiet to think and ponder what we should do next. I've been sorting my coupons and reading sale ads. I need to write up my grocery list but I don't feel like it. LOL I cleaned up the laundry room and put some kitchen linen in bleach water to soak. There is a tornado watch for our area today and I'm feeling a bit lazy. I'm going to wash out the linens so they can dry in the breeze the storm is bringing ~ feels really good blowing thru the open windows.

Better go now, been on long enough. I'll check in later.

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Robin said...

I read your Assessment Day post on Bloglines, although it appears to be deleted now and I found it very heartfelt and touching. Sorry to hear that you're struggling with achieving proper balance lately, but it sounds like you are on the right track. Believe it or not, I think about this issue myself (acquiring mode vs. staying home and using up mode) and I tend to go to extremes on this scale. Interesting post.