Monday, November 05, 2007

~ 12 Days to my B-Day #5 ~

So today dh decided to be a wise guy and give me a card. Not your average birthday card either ~ but one that was totally not funny. Well maybe a little bit funny, but don't tell him I said so.

Here's another look at it and I'll write out each saying below. Enjoy a good laugh on me. Btw ~ did I mention I'm turning 40. Yippee!

What they say statements are:
You're in your prime
You look good for your age
You're young at heart
You're in your golden years
You're mature
You're X years young

What they mean statements are all the same ~ You're old!

Wow and to think that I was very gracious and ask people not to treat him like he was over the hill and old when he turned 40. Oh well, guess I may have deserve this one after talking about his grey hair once or twice. heehee.

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