Monday, November 05, 2007

Knitting updates

I've been knitting though I've not said much about it in the past few days ~ I'd say I was abit preoccupied with my gifts. :D However, I've managed to make some really good progress with my ISE5 scarf and believe I'll be able to get it done pretty quickly. I'm enjoying the Noro silk garden alot and think I will make another one for my best friend in a beautiful midnight shade of the yarn. I'll pick it up this weekend and get started once this one is done.

I'm working on a pair of monkey socks too. Unfortunately, I lost one of my brand new dpns and have not worked on it in the past week. I'm going to transfer the sock to a circ and use magic loop to finish so I can have some lovely socks as a belated birthday present to myself. Don't think I'll get them done in a week but I'll try.

I've not worked on my "not peds" so they are no further than they were last week. I need to get busy on them but I know the issue is I really am not enjoying magic loop. Since I do have all 5 dpns needed for them, I may transfer them so that I can get them done especially since they only take a week to get done. ;D

Other news on the homefront ~ I've joined several groups on ravelry and I am enjoying it alot. Downside ~ I joined another swap when I was suppose to be on a swap diet. Its a tea swap which I really wanted to do before the year was out. I've enjoyed my swapping and will continue until the first of the year. I'm not planning to join any more past the few I'm currently in though I joined the Sock It to Me Duex which actually is a 3 month secret swap. Its the only one scheduled for the new year which I look forward to doing. I need to pickup one or two items for my coffee/tea/SP11 swaps and get them to the PO at the end of the week. I will have the ISE5, the Christmas swap, and the dishcloth addicts ~ yes, this is new, left to be sent. I'll spend the weekend working on the finally projects since I don't work ~ its my birthday weekend and it will be fun and relaxing to make things for others while listening to music or audio books.

Work has begun in full force for the holiday season and I'm enjoying that too. I've started 2 new books; one audio ~ Lions in the Valley, Amelia Peabody series and The Friday Night Knitting Club. I joined a group called "Read ~ Knit ~ Cook" on ravelry and we are reading Friday Night together and making a scarf along with the muffins found in the back of the book. I look forward to casting on for the Knitted Scarf, which is an easy knit pattern by Moda Dea, this weekend and making the muffins for sunday breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I'm revising our weekly menus so that I can get meals on the table again. I am feeling the need to return to several of my domestic duties and I'm enjoying it. I've tomorrow's dinner ready though it was suppose to be tonight's. I may expand on this another day, just know I've made good use of my crockpot.

Well, I'm getting a bit tired and would like to read about 10 pages of the book and get a few rows done on my ISE5 scarf. Have a great night!

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