Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ Louisa Harding ~

(picture coming soon)
Charming, delightful, creative, lovely and absolutely one of
my new fav people ~ plus you gotta luv that british accent. ;D

Tonight ~ I had the privilege to be one in a room full to meet, hear and talk w/Lousia Harding. She shared her history, her experience and the coming collection with us. It was absolutely wonderful. I now wish to visit England even more so I can see some of the places she mentioned. Her story is incredible ~ one I could totally relate to and enjoyed hearing. I would loved to have done half of what she's done, to meet and work with the people ~ that would've been truly awesome. Well, meeting her and future opportunities to meet others shall be enough for now. So on to the goodies I snagged:

Venezia ~ there are two books in this line but the cover of this one is my fav photo
(the awesome photographer is her dh)

(yarns ~ Castello #2 & Grace #12)
I'm planning to make Aurora using this yarn. I had to substitute "La Salute Quattro" with Castello but I do believe it will be very lovely. I shall cast on tomorrow afternoon its too late now and I'm a bit giddy and watching my bbc comedies. ;D

I also picked up "Enchanted Garden" which is filled w/lovely garments for children. She had all the samples and I can't wait to get started. I've my eye on "Pickles", "Jam Sandwich," and "Duchess." They are all very beautiful and I plan to fill my dds hope chest w/these and the Da Boy ~ well, it will be a baby chest. heehee Yes, I knew I'm planning early for the younger two and I know some of you think the styles may be outdated, I don't think so. They are lovely and almost classic styles. I plan to make Pickles for my little studmuffin (adopted godson/nephew ~ don't ask) and can't wait to see him in it. So I'll be getting some yarn soon.

Well, better go ~ more tomorrow! nite-nite ;D

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Robin said...

That's neat that you met Louisa Harding. I met her at a book signing and she was so much more ordinary and down to earth than I imagined her. She seems like a really nice lady!