Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly Update

Whew! its friday and the weekend is underway. There is alot happening around here especially on the homeschool and knitting fronts. I'm still excited after last night's workshop and can't wait to get started making myself some things. Louisa reminded me of all the things I learned when I sewed and how much is similar in handknits. I've considered the similarities before and even after reading my friend Robin's blog about her sewing adventures, I kept wondering how I could use the two together. Now I have the answers, thanks Louisa, and I can't wait to get started.

Regarding school ~ it has been a very productive day and nice way to end a somewhat productive week. I finally got my head on straight again about it and spent my planning time outlining our coursework. This will greatly help me in planning our books, transcripts and daily work. I am so excited ~ yes I said it again. You see, I've been working backwards to my natural organizational habits. I'm a trained organizer and I wasn't organizing anything to my own habits and skills. Therefore, I was losing ground, completely frustrated and losing things around the house. Now I've not found all the lovely books I've planned to use nor have I completely gotten myself organized but I'm on the road to both and that is the main thing. I will be working on a syllabus ~ getting them ready for college, a master booklist per term, rubrics and grading system ~ for the transcripts, and weekly outlines for myself to follow. I'm looking forward to these last few years with them and I'm going to make the best of them. I will need to plan field trips and internships too but for now we will do our schoolwork, volunteer and make use of our fitness center memberships ~ which is plenty for now.

On to the knitting ~ well I finished my Monkey peds, yeah me! I hope my best friend likes them and doesn't peek at my blog before I get them off in the mail. ;D I will cast on for my Madder socks today but not the Aurora beret ~ I am considering finding the recommended yarn since the Castello actually isn't the right yardage for the project. I think it would be very pretty with it but it would require me to spend another $12 to complete. I'm sure I could but it would have to wait til the 1st of the month. I don't know but I'll figure it out. I will also cast on for the SOTSii, the first hint was sent today and over the next 8wks we will get clues/hints to what we are making. I can't wait ~ my first stole in lace. This should be fun. I'll post progress pics by monday w/the specs.

Off to get Riley ready to leave for the weekend. I'll be back later but I leave you w/dh's plain vanilla socks.

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