Monday, February 11, 2008

Doin' much better ;)

Everyone here is feeling much better and we are looking forward to a wonderful week. Sk8Chick did go to the doctor and get a prescription and feels better though she has a little tickle in the throat. I have a cough that comes and goes especially when I laugh, well thats a problem because as those of you who know me personally know, I laugh alot. ;D Since I haven't been blogging much nor have the desire to do so either ~ sorry. I think I'll give an update of the past 3 days so you know what life has been like around here.

Friday 2/8 ~ I worked at the store from 11a-3p but before I got there the day started as a nightmare ~ murphy's law was in operation. I awoke w/a migraine, still had to do my hair, iron my clothes, dh called and said I'd have to go to work early then Sk8Chick came out of her room crying. I was starting to have a meltdown because during all this I was also trying to make myself breakfast but ended up burning the frying pan. Ugh! what a morning but it did finally calm down and get in order. Sk8Chick had done something to her calf muscle and it appeared to be poking out of the leg so we got it propped and iced to await dh's arrival. He rescheduled his appointment so I wouldn't have to go in early to allow me to finish my hair. When he arrived and examined her leg, decided we needed to take her to the doctor. She was already home from work on doctor's order for having a fever so she wasn't looking forward to going to the doctor 2 days in a row. I called in to work letting know I would be late, then I got ready, grabbed my excedrin, sneakers for later and left home. I arrived at work and found out we had a new assistant manager, lots of new stuff for sale and shipment waiting to be processed. Work went smooth enough and after 3hr I got a sandwich so I could take the excedrin migraine ~ it worked quickly and I was very grateful. I left work at 3p and headed to a concert. Yeah! That was t he best part of the day. We did merch for Casting Crown, Leeland and John Waller. I had a blast and can't wait for the next concert on the 29th. I hope to volunteer for that one too but don't know just yet. MercyMe is coming again and its alot of fun working w/them. We arrived home at 1a ~ Sk8Chick was able to work the concert too. The diagnosis was a really bad charlie horse results of low calcium and potassium in the system. Prescription ~ tums and bananas for a week. ;D

Saturday 2/9 ~ I was a bum most of the day but I did some knitting on my Aurora. I went to my LYS to wind a couple hanks of sock yarn and return some yarn I purchased that I didn't need. I used the credit to purchase the remaining 4 skeins of Takhi Cotton I needed for my Mirepoix and I replaced my Vogue Knitting holiday mag I gifted. Sk8Chick tagged along and purchased some DB Cashmerino Aran to make fingerless mitts, LH's Grace in chocolate to make Aurora and some lovely Regia for socks ~ all these for herself. She cast on the mitts while we sat at Starbucks and she is very happy with her choice of yarn. I cast on for my SI2Me2 pal's socks too and I'm liking the pattern very much. I'm using Lang Jawoll cotton jacquard which is a superwash cotton. Its stretchy and smooth to work with. I making Madder Ribbed Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks book.

Sunday 2/10 ~ I lounged around all day being a true house bum. I worked on the Madder socks and rested. I wasn't interested in going anywhere though I could have gone out w/the girls and friends to church and lunch. I just choose to stay home. Dh even picked up my library items and went to the grocery store for me. Thx dude ;D I can't say there was much going on other than waiting for Pride and Prejudice pt 1 @ 8p. I paid some bills, read a few blogs and emails but mostly did absolutely nothing. It was great.

Well, there you have it ~ rather boring but thats my life for the past few days. Today, we will get some school work completed. I'll work on my socks and Aurora especially since our weather is dreary ~ icy rains and thunderstorms. Gotta go and tend the fire. Talk w/you all soon.

Have a great week!

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Robin said...

That is really scary about the calf muscle sticking out! Good to know it was easily "fixable"! Gotta eat those bananas and yogurt I guess!