Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Recouping nicely, I think

We are all getting better and I am very grateful. I've had a rough day of coughing but I was able to stay up most of the day. I did take a little nap which is my usual thing when I'm home. ;D The kiddos are doing better though Sk8Chick is moving slow. I am happy to report the symptoms are moving quickly thru her system so she should be herself in the next day or two if she goes to sleep at night. She is a night owl so even though she doesn't feel well, she can't sleep.

I've been knitting and I've got some progress pics to share. Below I've also included pics of the packages I received while I was ill. They were very nice surprises during that week.

Up first ~ CPH left front. Knitting is going rapidly but I do get tired and my shoulders have been a bit achy so I've not worked on it since Sunday night. Yes, I watched Jane Austen Regrets and worked on my sweater ~ had to do something with my hands can't be idle. ;D I really am excited about how its turning out. ;D

Here is a close up of the cable work ~ nice huh?!

Next, I've been working on my Aurora which is really easy. I managed to get about 1/4 of the work done on it and can't wait to have it all finished to wear. If I can continue to work at this pace it will be ready for my driver's license picture. Now that would be stylish don't you think.

My other WIPs are languishing since I've not felt well and not motivated to work on them. I will get those Monkey socks done one day. I need to actually get my SI2M2 socks done, I've picked the pattern, I purchased some yarn but the yarn will not work with the pattern so I've got to get some more. I've found some to order and the seller does priority mail so I should have it next week and get cranking. I really wanted them done by next week so I could be working on the other goodies that go in the package but it didn't work out that way. Hmm...maybe I should change the pattern to match the yarn I have which would 1) save me $$, 2) allow me to get started tomorrow, and 3) keep w/my plan. I will be looking at sock patterns tonight. ;D

Here are my goodies I received:
1st ~ SI2M2 package from Singapore:

~ Nori flora garden bag w/lovely handspun sock yarn inside

~ Habu scarf kit from Tokoyo

~ Simply Sock book & Simply Knitting magazine

2nd ~ WhoDuKnit contest prize
~ ghirardelli assorted chocolates
~ peaches n pomegrate body scrub, wash & butter
~ angel book
~ I love cookies original double chocolate chip cookie
~ Felted soap kit ;D

Off to locate a sock pattern ~ more tomorrow. ;D

~ on the homestead ~
dinner ~ homemade waffles, scrambled eggs and tater tots
smells ~ sugar cookie candle
sounds ~ scooby doo videos
mood ~ cheerful


Knitting Mama said...

Your knitting is coming along great! Love the pink!

Gastro is going around Montreal. I had it last week (Fri-Sat) and everyone is getting sick around here. I hope it's not going around the USA as well!

Feel better soon.

I received mail from you - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I blogged it :) You rock! Made my day.

Robin said...

CPH is looking great! I'm glad you are all feeling better too. Love the "sugar cookie candle" scent!