Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today we took a roadtrip to buy a car. It was fun since it has been along time since we have gone on one. Dh took off work and him, myself, Riley and Da Boy went to Guthrie. If we hadn't been going for specific purpose, this trip would have been a great opportunity for a field trip to historic Guthrie. However, there wasn't time for that. We didn't get a car but thats ok, we'll keep looking and may return since the dealer was at an auction and would have more cars over the next few weeks. First, it seemed like a wasted trip ~ you know w/the $7 in tolls, gas and food for 2 teens. LOL But upon further observation, it was a great trip because we got out of the house, away from our normal invironment and hit the road. Sk8Chick was at work so she missed this one but we are planning another trip for this weekend so she can go. We are also planning our mini-vacation for next month since dh and Sk8Chick have shown signs of needed rest. ;D More details on that as we finalize. I need to also plan our trip to Vegas that we won. Better get that done before it expires.

I did work on the 2nd Madder sock on the trip and managed to get mid-leg, I fell asleep on the way back ~ not much knitting when you're sleep though I've heard some say they can knit in their sleep. I took a picture of my knitting since I was taking pictures of the moon which was hidden behind clouds ~ very willowy looking but beautiful.
Not much else to talk about ~ kinda quiet and tired. I'm not schedule to work anymore this week unless my on-call hours get pulled. Hopefully, they won't and I will be home knitting away. I was asked about modeling "Aurora" and I would but my new hairstyle will not allow me to put it on. LOL I'll have to do it in a few weeks or have Sk8Chick model it for me, we'll see.

I'm off to knit on the sock and watch a movie. Talk w/you all soon.

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

Did you end up getting a car?

How'd you win a trip to Vegas? Lucky you! I'm dying to get back to Vegas, havent been since April 2006 (the week I got pregnant with Sean! Was pregnant though already, he wasn't conceived there, LOL)