Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not much...

thats right ~ not much to report today. I did end up going to work for 5 hrs and doing some floorset work. Very dirty job but it has to be done. We are in the process are cleaning the store and re-arranging some of the product shelves. I don't mind since it will get the store cleaner and I like that a lot. I did participate in Wordless Wednesday ~ check it out here on my other blog.

On the knitting front ~ I am steadily working the sock though that 5hrs would have really made a dent in it for me. I will also loss another 5hrs of knitting time tomorrow for the same reason. Oh well, must not think to negatively and use my time wisely to get it done. Which means not spending hours online tonite. ;D All other projects are languishing in their respectively bags and I hope to get back to them next week especially so I can accomplish my goals for the month. I've added several new patterns to my queue on Ravelry and one day I'll make them, just you wait and see.

On the school front ~ we are progressing just fine. Both have finished 2 audio books this week and Riley is enjoying her "Story of the Greeks" which is awesome. I'm glad they are not complaining since that would make life very miserable around here. Da Boy started "Call of the Wild" today after informing me he already read it. did I miss that tidbit on the booklist. I'll check it out tomorrow and update my listing so he doesn't have to re-read too many more that he doesn't like anyway. Riley is re-reading Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and will begin Where the Red Fern Grows on friday. I've a few others already lined up for their reading time and can't wait since some are to be read w/me. ;D

On the homefront ~ haven't done any of my FlyLady things but did manage to swipe the toilet and clean the bathroom sink. Tomorrow is another day and I will get it done.

I'm going now and will be back tomorrow or the next day. LOL Have a great one!

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

What audio book are you listening to? Or were you listening to? (Catching up on my blog reading).

What kind of store do you work in where you refinished the floors/cleaning up?