Sunday, March 09, 2008

Nothing much....

is going on around here. I finished the emergency socks, finally. I'm so glad they are done but I don't have the energy or the motivation to do anything at the moment. I tried to knit a pr of baby socks ~ just frogged them. I tried to seem cheerful at our lovely knitting party ~ lys, which is now open on sundays but I really have the "blahs." Brownberry was talking about this recently and I believe I've got them really bad. Its not good since I've 2 new projects coming up that I really want to do ~ ISE6 and Sock Wars 3. They will require more than a blah attitude toward knitting I'm sure. I've not knitted a dishcloth in over a month and don't really have a desire to make one either. Hmm...whats this all about anyway?! I think I'm burned out and that would be ok as long as I get over it fast and soon. LOL

This week will be busy too ~ dh will be leaving wed for a conference til sunday. The kiddos and I will be here to hold down the fort since I'm not comfortable leaving them home alone when I'm over 22,000 miles away. They aren't old enough for that. ;D I will be working at the store this week hopefully only 2 days but with the changes going on I may get called in for my on-call shift. We have inventory this week too ~ so long night on wed. woohoo! (real sarcasm folks!) but overall it should be great and hopefully we will remember to celebrate the boss' birthday before we get to work. The day before may be better ~ I'll talk w/the girls about that tomorrow.

Daylight savings has put a damper on my mood too ~ I'm not fond of the early arrival of it or the length that it has now taken. It really messes with my biological makeup ~ you know the habit of it being just before Easter and after Labor day. I don't know who thought it would be a great idea to change it but I sure wish they'd put it back they way it was. ;D Anywho...getting ready for spring shall be an adventure for me since its been along time since I've done that. I hope to work on the yard more this year and plant a few veggies but time will only tell. The LPGA is around the corner and planning for the state fair. I hope that we are able to take a mini-vacation but at the moment it looks far, far, far away.

I will be attending the CM conference again this year though and I'm looking forward to it. Sk8Chick has decided to go w/me again which shall be a wonderful road trip for us. Speaking of road trips ~ we didn't take one this weekend since dh was asked to work his new pt. School wise ~ we are working slowly in math and science. The kiddos are doing wonderful w/English, history and Bible. I've been very pleased with their diligence and narrations. Tomorrow I'll have them type up some of them to practice typing and to work on sentence structure. I'm hoping to get my schedule a little more normal so we can have our one-on-one time again along w/tea time and our group readings ~ need to find my copy of Shakespeare and theirs, now that I think about it.

I'm very tired now and need to get up early tomorrow. I leave w/dh and Sk8Chick and hangout til time to go to work, will be a long day and won't make it to Knit Guild but I'll get the reports.

Have a great week!

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

What do you mean by "emergency socks"?

I think it was Bush's idea to change Daylight savings time.... that's what the "word" is... LOL