Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've got a confession...

Are you ready for this admission? Are you sure? Because if you're not sure ~ you may be disappointed. Ok, I'll take your word for it and I'll tell you but you promise not to condemn me or send me to the looney farm? I'm holding you to this ~ you do keep your word and I'm trusting you with my secrets. ;D Ok ~ I'm ready to tell you.....

"I'm addicted to sock yarn."

Phew, now its out and you all know my weakness. I'm suppose to feel better but for some reason I feel like laughing out loud. ;D I know its ridiculous and some of you really thought I'd something serious to tell you. Most of you know of my addiction, especially when I tell you that "sock yarn doesn't count as stash." However, I think I'll have to add it to the no purchase category in order to control myself. ;D I love the stuff and when you can get it for under 5 bucks and make a pr of footies, well need I say anymore. I really need to get a better grip and start spending more time doing something else but I don't seem to know what yet. When I start reading ~ I collect books; when I start cross-stitch ~ I collect needles, patterns and thread; when I sew ~ I collect patterns, fabric and misc stuff ;D so what is a girl to do. heehee btw ~ nature walks won't work either I collect bird watching books and other necessary things but I will admit it would get me out of the house more. hmm....I think I need to break out the new books, the binoculars and sketchpad tomorrow. Yes, I think I will ~ this should give me the pick me up I need (thx for being a sounding board).

I thought I'd share this very humorous post since I've been feeling blah lately. I've a very intelligent post to share but that will be tomorrow. I'm off to bed. Nite!

Here's a pic of the new additions ~ Enjoy!

~ oops this pic is gift knitting from the clearance rack at the lys ~


Becky said...

Wow. That's a lot of yarn. I'm addicted to sock yarn, too. Lucky for me, I'm too poor to buy any or I'd have as much as you do.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I heart sock yarn too!

That pink OPAL is gorgeous! What color number is that? Please share the info!

All the sock yarn in my shop is currently on sale (bad, I know!) www.robynsnest.ca - Sock yarn for 5$, 10$, 15$ & 20$...! YEY!