Monday, March 03, 2008

Rest at last is such a wonderful thing that we definitely take for granted. I will be getting more of it in the next few weeks though I will not actually be able to take 2 wks off from my pt. There have been some major changes at my store and I didn't realize that I was asking to be off during spring break. LOL I will be working and resting because I will be taking time to sit still, sleep more and get more fresh air ~ yes, that means exercise in english. I don't remember the last time I actually took a walk in my neighborhood and its past time.

Its currently snowing and I'm so happy. I love snow and I've been wanting some, even if its a little bit, after hearing about all that has fallen to the north and east of me. I miss being on the east coast, it is beautiful when it snows. ;D Yes, I know they got a lot of snow and that would have been a bother for one reason or another but since I no longer work full-time out of my home, it would have been pure pleasure for me. I enjoy snow days ~ coffee/cocoa, snowball fights, fresh homemade cookies, pots of soup and baked bread, quiet times, music, books, games and now, handcrafts ~ knitting. I love snow though I love autumn/fall more, I am very happy in the winter too. One reason ~ I can breathe easier when its cold. ;D well enough about snow, now to tell you what I've been doing. Nothing!

My knitting won't come together and I really don't care now. I was so stressed and uptight yesterday that I didn't get to enjoy my friends or my lys. Yeah ~ my lys is open on sundays now. Another reason I will be resting more b/c I get to hangout and knit more. ;D Madders #2 are too small so I frogged them. I cast on again for ND #2 but the yarn is now tangled and I can't seem to get it loose. I may have to pull out the other skein if I can't get it straighten out in the morning. I can do this ~ I think I can, I think I can, so I can, right?!

I started a instant gratification project ~ courtside booties, these are crocheted baby socks that look like high top sneakers. I am making them for my little "studmuffin" in black and navy blue. I'll share a pic when they are done. The pattern is found in Crochet Today's issue sept/oct 07. They are soo cute and I can't wait to make him several pairs ~ in red, green, orange and . . . .

I did purchase some lovely new yarn ~ my splurge since I received my refund ~ along with my yarn winder. The only problem with the yarn purchase is, most of it was for other people. I think I got 2 skeins for myself but the rest was either for dh, dc or my swaps. Oh well, that won't hurt my stashalong goals too much since the yarn I purchase for self is sock yarn which doesn't count.

I'm off to finish the 2nd sole of the booties, then off to bed. I will be sitting by the fireside, drinking coffee and crocheting & knitting tomorrow so I may not be around though I need to post on my thoughts on the CMSeries reading. Hmmm...we shall see since tomorrow will be pajama and rest day. I'm declaring a snow day and allowing the kiddos to rest and hang out w/me. Think pancakes will be for breakfast too on my new 4-in-1 grill. Have a wonderful day!


cinnamongirl93 said...

Hi! I found someone else who Loves snow!!! We have had over 58 inches of the beautiful stuff so far. Everyone around me can't stop complaining about it. I just adore it! Enjoy the beauty and soak in the stillness! Have a fun snow day!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I love snow & winter too. I've been a skier since I could walk, so that's why I guess?

That's cool that you crochet as well. I'm not into crochet at all.

SP12 sign-ups started by the way. Are you planning on playing this time?