Saturday, March 01, 2008

Long night again

Its been another long one. We got in about 11:45p from the concert and I've been getting my kals caught up on my Feb progress. I didn't get much done but the Madders are finished. Yeah! I could have probably update sooner if I'd stayed home tonight.

Tonight the Winter Jam, which is a big music event, was in town and the girls and I had an opportunity to work merch. It wasn't the best night of my life and I must be PMSing because at about 9p I wish I was anywhere but there. I really wanted to see Newsong and Skillet but was only able to hear them, they were very loud too, since the booth I choose for us to work was the main one ~ Winter Jam. We spent the entire evening playing w/the flashing toys and selling shirts. I even have pics of the girls dualing with their flashing, spinning wands. Overall it was a great event and I believe each musician sold lots of merch. I think I will have to pass on the next concert and either go as a paying attendee or stay at home. I'm not enjoying volunteering as I used to nor do I enjoy working at BBW. Its definitely time for a vacation ~ I'm getting grumpy, I feel edgy and I'm tired alot. I'll share the pics later, I want to crop them first. ;D

On the knitting front ~ the Madders are done. I've started a modified pair and I've cast on 5x for the 2nd ND sock without success. I will work on these two tomorrow. I will also post pics of the ugly dishcloths ~ the one I made and the one I received. ;D This should be great, I know how ugly mine is and my pal told me that her cloth was so ugly it might bite. Well, that would be bad since I'm suppose to wash my dishes with it. We shall see its ugliness tomorrow.

I'm off to upload pics to flickr and go to bed. I'm very tired and I long for a hot bath, chocolate and 2 days of sleep. I know I can get the hot bath, some chocolate but the 2 days sleep may be challenging. I'll give a galant effort though. More tomorrow or is that today since its 12:13a. Ooops. Nite!

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

Love the colors on the Madders!

What's your flickr account name! Add me - I'm MontrealMama