Monday, March 24, 2008

Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny

Yeah, I know what a ridiculous title but I'm in a humorous mood. ;D My hand is healing after its brutally contact w/my dogs mouth. I am able to type using it today but it itches like crazy ~ good thing though so no real complaints. No knitting for now til the hand doesn't have any soreness and that will hopefully be by Wed. I'd like to finish off my dishcloth and the 1st ped.

I've spent my time wisely though ~ well that is after being at work. I've planned 2 patterns for socks, picked out some new projects I'd like to make along with getting some reading time in. This was definitely a biggy for me since I had about 6 books waiting to be read and several started. The funny thing about the reading is I didn't read the books I started. I actually started a new book that I'm enjoying a lot. Its part of the culinary mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson ~ The Main Corspe. Not exactly sure when I got this book but as I was looking over some crafts books it was stuck in between them and I began reading the first chapter. Normally, I finish a paperback in a day but I've been reading rather slowly and I'm enjoying it. Though part of the slow reading yesterday was due to a low-grade migraine. I'm so glad thats gone.

Well, the kiddos got pails of candy this year and they loved them. We didn't do anything special for Easter but I plan to do something different next year. I've taken some pics of their pails so you can see them ~ all the candy is now gone but what do you expect when its their favorite. LOL

Today is the last day of our holiday and I did absolutely nothing which I must say is a big deal too. I had planned to cook dinner but the main ingredient is missing. I will see about picking it up tonight along w/the allergy meds for Poochie ~ one of the reasons he attacked me, he has broken out in a rash and is licking his pawns alot. Major indicator of an allergic reaction to something ~ probably the weeds in the yard along w/the blooming Bradford Pear tree. Well, I've typed enough w/this sore hand and I'm getting tired. I'll check in with you all tomorrow. Have great evening!

Here are their pails ~ cool huh?!



Da Boy's

My treat to myself ;)

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wildflower38 said...

Hi Dawn its me Cheryl just popping by to say HI. I received your package Monday night. Thank you so much. I love the socks the colors, they fit me nicely:-)I'll take pictures and post later on today. Thank you again for being a great spoiler.