Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hi out there ;)

I just noticed that I haven't said anything for 2 whole days. thought I was going to say something great but nope not today. I'm feeling better after a little bout with the depression bug yesterday. I believe the weather and that time of the month are the culprits but I've got my groove back and I'm ok. ;D

Today I worked and will tomorrow and friday ~ long days too. Its ok since they are my last days on regular schedule. I have decided to change jobs ~ more $$, benefits & bonuses. Yeah! My hours will not change much and its still at the mall but I can see the benefits being a real blessing to my family along w/the pay increase. I'm looking forward to learning something new even though the training session will be for the entire month of April.

My hand is healing and I managed to work a section of my dishcloth without pain or discomfort. Though using it at work was tiring and uncomfortable ~ I had an ache in the center of my hand since I can't extend the hand yet ~ it cramps. I'm sure I'll be doing better by the weekend and I plan to hang out at Loops. They are having a "Hot Loops" party on Saturday which should be fabulous and then I will hangout w/more friends on Sunday there ~ can't wait even if I don't knit, I'll be in the company of great friends and lots of yarn. LOL

Off to send a few more emails then to bed. I've an early day ~ breakfast w/one of my best friends then off to work for 6hrs. Woohoo! Wow, I'm sure getting abit sarcastic in my old age. ;D Have an awesome night.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Glad to hear your hand is healing.

I'm still a few blog posts behind, but plan on catching up by the weekend.


Rima said...

Oh. I hope your hand feels better soon..