Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a weekend I had

it started with a wonderful yarn tour at my lys. I enjoyed myself and really learned some new things. Ok so I didn't need a yarn tour since I hang out there pretty regularly but it was nice to visit w/the owner and some of the staff while learning about their favs and why certain yarns are stocked. I got some knitting time in too ~ working on a new pair of peds for a friend in a lovely orange colorway. I'm using Drops/Garnstudio Fabel sock yarn and love it very much ~ pics later.

Yesterday, dh, the girls and I took a road trip to OKC so he could visit Bass Pro. Then I was treated to a trip to Gourmet Yarn Shop ~ ooh, I've wanted to go for so long and several of my knitting buddies have been but not me. Well, can't say that anymore. I had such a lovely time roaming the store, talking with knitters then I treated myself to some Regia and also got the needed yarn for the Hot Sox contest. They had a Sock Boot Camp but I was a bit late for it though they still gave me the pattern they were using along with the sock instructions they used from Knitty. I believe they are a Hot Sox Spots' for the contest which means I'll be getting lots of info and support from them during this contest.

The SWTC trunk show was also there and I got to pet and ooh n aah over some lovely tofutsies ~ which is what I purchased and can't wait to get started. I must design a knock out, wow kinda sock using this lovely yarn ~ something I've never done before but there's this little bird's voice in my ear saying "you never know, you'll make a pattern one day when you can't find the one you want." Thx Shelley for the encouragement and I'll be sure to keep you posted. ;D Btw ~ she's Loops (my lys) shop owner, stop by and buy some yummy yarn and tell her I sent ya. Ooh la la ~ I just noticed in the rules that Regia has 4 categories too ~ oh boy I'll need another skein of the lovely yarn I got yesterday. Here's a pic of them both:
We also visited 2 malls in OKC yesterday so that I could checkout their BBWs and the Sephoria's. We will be getting our own Sephoria in May and I may have an opportunity to work there so I wanted to see if it was as I'd remembered it from 6 yrs ago. Nope and I'm not too disappointed but we shall see how ours turns out since we just lost our wonderful store manager to them. ;( I will miss her dearly at BBW but don't begrudge her the decision for a change that will bring her much future success and happiness.

Our new vehicle is a dream to drive but the gas guzzling it does, well that leaves much to be desired. LOL I think I may have to work a few more hours in order to not feel the pinch in the pocket or give up buying yarn. Hmm...thats a really hard decision, maybe I'll just give up swaps instead. ;)

Today has been a full day including working for 3hrs and I'm very tired. Just finished watching "Stranger than Fiction" ~ I liked it. I'll be very busy this week ~ working 6 days total, CM support group mtg and other various mandatory things to do around the house. I am hoping to do the girls hair, get appointments set for eye doctors, balance the checkbook so I can pay some bills, clean the refrigerator and bath the dog (maybe I'll let the kiddos do these 2 for me). Whew ~ so much to do and so little time when I'd rather be reading, writing and knitting. Oh well must move forward and get some pics loaded to flickr and go to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful week ~ talk w/you.

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

I want to one day design my own sock pattern too.. One of these days....

I have never knit with Tofutsies, how is it?