Saturday, April 05, 2008

Day 4 ~ Apr 4th

I got more cardio today ~ dh and I walked to the mechanic's to pick up our car. It was about a 2-3 mile walk, not bad for an old lady ~ I didn't get winded but could have used a water bottle. LOL The mechanic said the car was fine so we drove it home but it wasn't fine. The car began to knock and idle hard, then it tried to cut off a couple of times. We parked it in our driveway where it promptly cut itself off and won't turn back on. Now does that sound fine to you?! No, it does not but dh is now too angry to call that mechanic and begins looking for another. Now don't misunderstand, our mechanic has never let us down before and he's within walking distance but apparently this is above his expertise and we need help this clearly ~ NOW! Being a one car family with 3 working adults, a working vehicle is a necessity. We contact a shop that helped us once before, though they are farther than a good walk, and they told us to bring the car to them. Well, you know it doesn't start anymore so we have to have it towed. The tow company said "we'll be there in an hour" but it was actually almost 2 hrs later when they arrived. The delivered the vehicle and we await findings.

In the meantime ~ more drama ;) , I'm trying to figure out how to get to the concert, which my ds is already at and get him home if I don't get there. I finished doing my hair but couldn't find a ride at all. I called my friend whom I was helping and he arranged for his wife to pick me and Riley up. We arrived and helped with passing out signup cards for the drawing and hung out with friends ~ I didn't win, bummer. The concert was a blast ~ a different crowd than I'm use to seeing ~ lots of little girls and older people. Hmm...this could be good but it wasn't a rock concert sooo I'm not sure what I was expecting and it was at a really nice church. Oh well, I believe the artists had a great time, I didn't stick around to find out since I got a ride with one of our fav DJs so I was outta there after the final song of the encore. ;D Btw ~ if you'd not checked them out, you need to do so the artists are Meredith Andrews, Brandon Heath and Aaron Shust ~ who is totally awesome and the best dad. ;D

Knitting was done at the concert ~ yes, I tried knitting in the semi-darkness and it was ok til I dropped a stitched about 10 rows down on my heel flap. Now that was not right, I had to rip them out and do them again. It wasn't painful for me but my ds was upset that I was pulling his sock apart to fix it ~ how could I do such a thing was the expression on his face and on the others too. I laughed and told them it would be ok and I had to do it in order for the sock to turnout right. I managed to re-knit the 10 rows before we left the concert. I stopped at the gusset before I fell asleep (at home not at the concert LOL).

Overall, this day was truly not great but the bright side is ~ I have great friends who take care of me when I need them; my kiddos still like me at the end of the day; and music does soothe the savage beast that can rage within. Have a great weekend.

Day 4 ~ $0 spent

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

That sucks about the dropped stitch at the concert. I've done that at the movies before (When I used to take Sean to the Mom & Baby movies at the theater), he'd sleep, I'd knit and end up dropping a stitch and getting mad! NOT FUN!