Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 3 ~ Apr 3rd

Today has been somewhat productive. I cleaned out my yarn bag, got some knitting done and went for a walk. Riley and I took a walk to the post office ~ we needed to get some stamps and send some envelopes off. We've not walked in our neighborhood in a long while, well at least not together. It was a mom and daughter outings which gave me an opportunity to talk and spend time with her. I've been setting aside $ for outing with each dc and today I got to use it for the first time. ;) Yes, I know I wasn't to spend money this month but it is allowed for the benefit of nurturing a relationship with my dc though I will always seek inexpensive ways to do so. But there is a budget for these outings and I classify this as a necessity.

The mechanic hasn't found anything wrong with our car. It worked for him and that created another issue. He decided to put it on the computer to check everything. We hope to get the car in the morning. I really hope we do, I just received an email that I need my driver's license, a recent photo and some copies of my personal info for orientation on Monday. I can only get my license tomorrow or really early on Monday which would be too much stress so having our vehicle back is a necessity.

Anywho, in my cleaning mode I cleared out some knitting that has been sitting around. I frogged 2 pr of socks, frogged my Yummy scarf and started the sewing up on my Toddler Sweater. The funny thing about this sweater is I made it over a year ago and it only need to be sewn. I now see why people dread sewing up, it can be time consuming but I'll be happy to have it done then I'll have to figure out what to do with it. I'll take pics when it is done. Oh yeah ~ the frogged socks, they were my Monkey socks and some Peds for my ds. The monkey socks was found at the bottom of a box in a sad state ~ 2 missing needles and dropped stitches. It didn't look well and I didn't know what to do with them so I frogged them and will use the yarn for something else. The Peds weren't working out since I had somehow increased the stitches and the yarn seem too thick and I wasn't enjoying making them. I plan to use that Opal for something else too. I dug thru the stash and found the original Opal my ds had asked me to use and started a pair of Nancy Drew ~ Ned version for him. I finished the left front of my CPH but can't start the right front since I've misplaced my #6s. This is not right ~ where could I've put those needles, I had everything together and now they are gone. Oh well, I'll do a deep search tomorrow since the quick one didn't find them. I frogged the Yummy scarf because I ran out yarn before finishing the first section but I'll start again soon and work it a bit different since I can't get to the LYS for more. I'll update later on that.

Dinner was simple ~ hamburgers and rice. Yesterday we had grilled chicken, homemade tortillas and rice. I'm working to keep dinner simple and easy especially with the warm weather and the a/c is acting cranky again. The weather is stormy but I like it ~ hot chocolate, books and knitting. Very nice indeed. Off to get some sleep, early bed time has been good for my mood too and allow me time to read and work some rows in bed. Have a great one.

Day 3 ~ $8.37 for stamps & $8 for girls outing = $16.37 but was all budgeted and necessary. ;)

Yes, updating early b/c tomorrow will be a very busy day!

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

dh is Dear Husband, right? So what is Dc? I assume that DS is Dear Son. What's DC? Dear Child? I'm soooo out of the loop with "lingo" LOL

Hubby and I keep talking about taking walks in our neighborhood with Sean. But then we get lazy after dinner. Especially with my pregnant belly!