Tuesday, June 03, 2008

~ June 3rd ~

I'm sitting here wondering what happened to the last 2 months. They have flown by and I am shock to find myself in June already experiencing major heat waves. Today's high was 91 w/a heat index of 95 and winds that blew you down the street. ;)

Da boy and I took a walk today ~ to the PO, I needed to send off my ISE6 package and to pick up a parcel. I'm so excited ~ I've sent off every package I was committed to send and I've knitted all the things I had intended to knit by now, well almost ~ still have one ped to make for my friend (I did co today LOL). Despite the heat, I did manage to take pics of my ISE6 package and knit on the ped. It was way to hot to really do much but sleep, so I took advantage of the situation and took several naps. ;)

I thought I was going to write more but I'm not focusing very well so I'll leave you with pics of my package and completed scarf. Have a great night.


Anonymous said...

Your scarf turned out so beautiful!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

What happened to the last 2 months? I'm wondering what happened to January through September? It's SEPTEMBER!!!!!! Sean will be 2 years old soon. How'd that happen???

Do tell me what the luscious green (mint green) yarn is in that picture above?)