Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm very tired.

That about says it all. I've been working a lot and my body is starting to tell me how much it doesn't appreciate it. I love my new job but today I crashed and burned. It started out well, so I thought. I didn't get any coffee or breakfast but that is pretty normal for most days. However, today it was an issue. Dh brought me a cup of Sbux though I didn't get to drank much ~ that was so sweet of him especially since he had to get thru the flash flood that occurred after he dropped me off at work. After my sip of coffee, my head began to hurt, my eyes became unfocused and I couldn't think clearly. I finally had to stop working and take some claritin and pain reliever. The pain subsided but the throbbing in my right eye lasted all day. I'm glad it wasn't pounding all day but the throb still was too much while standing on your feet for 4hr increments. I did manage to make it to the end of the day and clock out on time. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow and probably should be in bed now resting. LOL But I had to update on whats going on w/me. ;)
After finishing off these lovely socks and mailing them to my target ~ I received this in the mail. So folks ~ its official, I've been assassinated. ;) My assassin sent some very lovely socks that are soft and pretty. I hope my target likes her socks though now I'm thinking I should have used a different yarn. ;0 Well, can't change that now. I wish the remaining warriors luck they will need it.
Well, off to bed now. I'm falling asleep typing and thats not good. Have a great sunday!


Knitted Zebra said...

Both pairs of socks look great! So sorry you were assassinated! Glad you finished your pair though! Whoo Whoo!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Why do you wish you would have used a different yarn for the socks that you sent off? What was wrong with the yarn you used? What brand was it?

The socks you got are great.