Sunday, June 29, 2008

~ SP12 Q#3 ~

The question of the week is,

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

the perfect amount of stash for me would be containable and accessible. At present, my stash is neither containable nor accessible. Hmm....sounds like I need to get myself some organization going. I would love to have my stash full of yarns I absolutely love but at the moment there are some there I purchased on sale, was given or traded for that I don't love nor like. I need to set some standards for myself and stick with them. My friend Robin has done that and I may need to destash like she did too keep my focus. I know "less is more" but for some reason that doesn't seem to apply to my stash. What a joke?! ~ I want to live more simply having less but I also love my sock yarn stash, which is growing all the time, and don't want to give it up. It will be alright, I'll just keep knitting and one day........

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Robin said...

I think it's fine to build stash for stuff you're going to use - like the sock yarn - think of it as an anti-inflationary measure. But for the stuff you don't love, I suggest Ravelry if you want to try to sell it - it will take longer than giving it away but it's a pretty active marketplace if the price is right.

Oh, and look for a package in the next few days. Hope you will like it! I threw in a fave that I know you like.