Saturday, June 28, 2008


well I had to start it with somethin', right?! Its been very busy around here. I've not been motivated since I'm too tired to truly think. Though I have been reading and enjoying my family. I'm reading plenty ~ CMs writings Vol 1 , 5 & 6, Yarn Harlot book and will probably start a book on cd this weekend.

I've managed to eliminate a large portion of the newspapers that have accumulated around the house and I've also clipped coupons. I plan to do more clipping tomorrow and getting them organized into my container. I'm looking forward to shopping again and have decided that it would be really in our family's best interest to save as much as I can since the electric bill has hit the $200s. Whew ~ way too high for me and will have the a/c guy coming out to take a look since its not cooling the house at all. I guess I should be grateful that we can breathe since it does seem to keep the air from being stagnate.

On the knitting front ~ I was so unmotivated it isn't funny. However, I stop by my LYS on tues ~ sock nite ~ and took the plunge to make a pr of "Not Peds." These are a secret pair and I'm hoping to have them done by the middle of July, though I've had to rip them out yesterday and start again today. Yes, I ripped out 3days worth of knitting b/c they were too tight for me therefore they'd be too tight for the intended ~ which I'm not telling you who that is since its a secret. The colorway is gorgeous and I won't be sharing that info w/you either, I'll post a pic in blacknwhite and thats all you'll get for now. I've purchased another set of #6s for my CPH but can't find the pattern ~ I'll give a gallant effort in my search this weekend. I don't really have anything else going though those UFOs are calling my name.

In other news ~ I've restarted my school blog and will be posting all major school related info there. You can read about our school journey here and I will be posting on my personal learning blog again too ~ hopefully will post tomorrow.

Not much else going on so I'll call it a nite ~ have a great one!

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