Thursday, July 03, 2008

~ Jul 3rd ~

Much progress has been made on the lovely Back-to-School vest, however.......if you will look closely at the left side of the pic you will see whats wrong. I've managed to twist my knitting when I joined. ;8 I will now have to rip it out and start again. I'm glad its a quick knit and soft lovely yarn.

Nothing else going on except I learned to knit toe-up creating a seamless toe. Its awesome, the pattern wasn't that easy to read but we did manage to cast on and it looked nice. I will be translating this pattern so that a friend and I can knit the socks. In the meantime, she has decided to make monkeys toe-up and here's what I will be doing:

2 dishcloths ~ one for me and one for my dishcloth pal

2 pair of socks ~ gentlemen socks from nancy bush vintage sock book/secret pair which may turn into toe-up monkeys

1 sweater ~ lovely B2S when I recast this week

Here is my 2nd Quarter update:
1. complete WIPs
~ CPH (1/3 done)
~ Monkey socks (frogged)
~ ISE6 Scarf (done)
~ Not Peds (done)
2. complete UFOs
~ Baby Blanket
~ Country Cousins blanket (1 sq done ~ part of my June KnK)
~ Baby Kimono
~ Toddler Sweater (1/2 seaming done)
~ Surprise Scarf (frogged)
3. make 1 pr of socks per month (3 pr done) *Sock Wars pr plus 2 pr peds
4. make 1 dishcloth per month (1 done)
extra ~ April KalnKal ~ something for me Yummy Scarf (done)
June KalnKal ~ something OTNs ~ peds & 1 square (done)

*no yarn purchase unless to complete a WIP or UFO; no free days unless earned thru KALnKALs or completion of WIPs & UFOs (used both Free days earned and no other purchases ~ yipee!)

Thats all for now ~ talk w/you soon.

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Secret Pal said...

Wow! You are working on a lot of projects at once! I'm sorry about the moebius vest. I always check many times when I join as I'm afraid of that happening.