Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its over.....

The summer olympics has come to an end and so has the Ravelypmics. I'm excited though I've only managed to finish 2 of my 4 events. My sock put was a bust ~ I think I'm burned out on making socks though I did manage to co some ankle socks for the Da Boy and will finish them next week, hopefully. I was going to do WIPs wrestling but I never did find that lost ball of yarn and I got my yarn for my oldest UFO so tangled that I couldn't get it undone in time to finish before the flame was snuffed out at 10:59a my time. Oh well, it was a blast and truly a challenge for me that I look forward to doing again.

I've not been doing much and we are going on a mini-vacation tomorrow. Woohoo! I will be back on Wednesday but then I will be working everyday at the store thru to Sunday. I'm really not looking forward to it but it will help me not have to make up so many hours once the fair ends. That begins next tues too ~ I hope I'm ready. Da Boy has a birthday comin' up too ~ he'll be 16yos. Can you believe it ~ my youngest will hit his first big milestone and I'm not ready. Sorry, but he's the baby and the last one to turn the big "16" so I'm a bit emotional about it but I'm so pride of him ~ he's such a great kiddo.

My knitting ~ I've tried to start my SOTSiii over 6x and I'm hoping to get it started again tonight though I probably should go to bed since I'll be driving for our trip tomorrow. heehee ~ I'm not sleepy, I'm watching bbc comedy and I've had a wonderful time out to dinner with friends after knitting at the coffee shop. It was so much fun though I didn't knit, I crocheted trying to get that old UFO done. I did finally get the yarn untangled thx to help of my friend Kim. ;) I've only 6 more rows of pattern, then the 5 rows of the border. Once I do these then I add the scallop edges and ribbon. I need to find it a home when I'm done since I've been working on this thing for 3yrs ~ most of the dc are too big for it. LOL I've a friend having a babe in Oct ~ I may just give it to them though I do want to make them a pink one. Hmm....I'd better get busy since this took 3yrs, who knows how long the next one will take. These blankets usually only take 4wks, boy have I been slow.

I plan to make another One Row Scarf out of Cascade 220 in a lovely shade of black/grey. I can't wait to get started its for a co-worker who asked me to make her a scarf last year. Yes, I know but you know finding the motivation to knit a scarf and the right yarn and pattern when its a gift take a little time. Its different when $$ or the supplies are provided ~ then I'd have to just get started. LOL

Well, off to knit, read and watch tv. I also must set the recorder for Mystery ~ Inspector Lynley ~ love that handsome man. heehee. Hope you all are having a wonderful nite ~ have a great week.

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Secret Pal said...

I admire anyone who can do one of those secret shawl things. I really want to make more complicated shawls and have even bought the pattern and yarn. But I do so much knitting in the car or on the bus and I can't do complicated lace there.