Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've been good.....

why you say ~ because I received really cool things. ;) Yesterday, I received my 2nd medal and
bouquet at Ravelymics ~ Event: Gift Knits Pentathlon.

Then I received this in the mail:
I got some yummy new chocolates to try ~ Bug Bites & Chimp Mints
I got Sparking Bath Antistree in vanilla-bergamont soap ~ I think I better use it tonite ;D
I got a knitting button
and.....some lovely Pagewood Farm Sock yarn which is lovely shades of orange just like fall trees.

Thank you very much SP ~ I love my package. ;)

On the knitting front ~ my mojo has started to dry up. You read that right. I don't seem inspired to do anything. I can't find that lost ball of Cascade to finish off the B2S, my spare a square has become a nightmare ~ I had to rip back 10 rows and now there are 18 more to go. I tried to knit it in the car on the way to work ~ lost a needle ugh! Then tonight as I co for the sock put ~ you know I only have 10 days left ~ my knit pick #3 circs break. Oh I must use my dpns and I'm really slow using them. Though I love knittng w/them very much ~ using them relaxes me. Oh speaking of relaxing me, they relaxed me so much I fell asleep, lost a needle and a few sts and decided I better post my SP package before something else happens. LOL

I really want to finish strong in Ravelympics but it looks abit bleak at the moment since my work schedule is very hectic. I was also hoping to go to Stitches Midwest but I'm not up for driving 11hrs so I may not get to go. I did manage to get off work so maybe I'll do a shorter road trip to either TX or OKC. I'm not sure but I'll let you know what I decide. Though work is proving to be a challenge, I will soon have a break from it to work at the fair ~ woohoo! I'm not sure I'll be entering anything at this time ~ still thinking about it ~ but can't wait to eat some cotton candy, sausage n onions, cinnamon rolls and a yummy red candied apple. I'm getting fat thinking about it. ;)

Off to read a few blogs and emails then off to bed ~ up at 5a. Yeah I know too early and I'm really tired. Have a great one.

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Knit and Purl Mama said...

Wowzers. What a great SP package! I love Pagewood farms!