Thursday, October 23, 2008

A month has gone by...

It has been a long one too. I'm sorry for my MIA but it was unavoidable. Life has been happening and is actually still outta sorts since most of our stuff is in boxes. I need to update with pics, knItting and life but its hard to do from my cell though I am getting the hang of it.

In brief...the following has happened:
* completed fair jobs
* won 2 ribbons - 1st & 3rd place
* rec'd awesome pkgs from my SP12 & ASSS pals
* sent my pkg to SP12 & ASSS pals
* moved to a new house
* bought myself a truck - Ford of course
* increased hrs @ work to pay for
* started mtg friends & knitting again

That's all for elbows are starting to hurt. Have an awesome week!

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