Friday, October 24, 2008

Feels good to be back ;)

Still living out of boxes but slowly getting things where they belong. Life has been changing but not ready to share the details yet. I forgot to mention that my new toy is my BlackBerry Curve. I took the plunge and purchased a plan phone which I'm lovin'. LOL I don't like the first bill but its totally worth it since I can keep up w/my email, text all day and use the net. The only down side is I can't access my yahoo groups so moderating, leading and such take a backseat til I can get to the library. I'm looking into getting internet at home again but the freedom of a few bills is sounding really good to me. Yeah I know, I have the car note and insurance but those are necessities. ;)

I'm looking forward to the weekend since it will be one of my last til the new year where I am off the entire time. I will be working for the holidays much like I did when our store opened ~ all the time. It will be ablast though ~ learning new stuff, making moola, and enjoying the season. My birthday is in 19 days...hmm better get a counter up so everyone will remember. I'm a bit excited but you all know how much I love my bday anyway. ;)
The kiddos are doing well though we haven't started school yet ~ gotta find the books. I will work on that this weekend so they can get started monday. It will be nice to be reading again, at least I think so.

Well thats all for now...gonna go and read emails, find a counter and update my groups. Have an awesome weekend.


Tim's Mom said...

It's good to hear from you, moving can be such a hassle. The new toy sounds fun!

Robin said...

I'm totally addicted to my Blackberry! Glad to see you back and hope the "living out of boxes" ends soon!