Thursday, December 04, 2008

Living Outta Boxes pt 4

Ok so there hasn't been much to report since I've not been successful at emptying these here boxes. ;). Though its increasingly difficult to find needed documents (birth certificates), personal items (socks), and just simple things like a checkbook. Thanksgiving wasn't a challenge to my surprise. Everything I needed, I found without a problem especially the new rubbermaid which was still in its original box. Lol

Life is moving along for us. I've been reminded and accept that I can only do so much and that I need to fully rely "lean in, rest on" God for everything. I know this but sometimes you forget because you get so focused on what's in front of you. ;) We did manage to do some school work today and took a field trip on Mon ~ yeah me!

On the knitting front:
Da Boy's socks ~ really bad 2nd sock syndrome around here but now that's over discovered an error and will have to rip it back ~ ouch!

CPH ~ found all missing pieces need to get to work.

B2S ~ still missing yarn ;(

Socks ~ have at least 3pr lined up when da boy's are done

Swaps ~ joined one "ISE7" looking forward to making another scarf

Gifts ~ planning 1 pr of socks, 5 scarves and 1 pr of gloves for me *yes very modest doable list ;)

Well my thumbs are tired ~ posting from mobile. More later. Nite!

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