Monday, December 08, 2008

Living Outta Boxes pt 5

Whew! Busy day and life is good. I've been working on my knitting and lesson plans more than trying to get rid of boxes. Lol. I'm ok with this though I know I can't live this way much longer w/Christmas fast approaching. I did manager to clear out the fridge, cut up the leftover turkey, make turkey hash and write lesson plans for the week. I'm finding that I'm getting more productive as I spend more time resting. I work early hours this week and I needs to have plans in place. Hmmm..its menu monday ~ I need to write one up real quick so that's outta the way too.

On the knitting front:
Da Boy's sock had to be ripped back twice. Ugh! I finally figured out I was trying to get it done in a hurry and failed to do the heel turn ~ dummy me! Back on track now ;)

Christmas items ~ this list has changed a few times and I'm sure will change again:
4 pr of socks
4 scarves
3 beanies
1 pr of mitten/gloves for me
10 wash/dish cloths
~ not too hard right?!

Football Challenge ~ managed to finish 10 squares this past week and hope to double that this week ~ need to make 46 more.

That's all for now, wrists getting tired ~ using mobile. Talk w/you all again soon.

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