Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rain, clouds and baseball

Today was a pretty good one. Spent most of the am with an upset tummy and laid in bed. I keep a low profile today because of it to allow my body to rest. I'm enjoying the take it slow motto I've acquired. It allows me to really take a look at what I do and why so that I make a better decision of how I spend my time and energy. We went to a Driller's free game tonight. We upgraded to reserve and it rained. The game was canceled and we will be able to use our tickets for another night so all is good. The clouds and rainbow that appeared after the first downpour were amazing, I've included some. I'm off to pickup Da Boy and relax since its still very hot even after a summer shower and a downpour. Welcome to OK summer ~ 102 degrees and only getting hotter.

Have a great evening!

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