Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 jobs, 1 body

Ok so I'm sore and very tired. I knew that it might be a challenge today to work both pt jobs but I had too. I will have to get new shoes and stop trying to do so much in one day. LOL Yes, I know people work 8hr days and they are fine but my body doesn't like retail and its hard on my joints even for only 5.5hrs. I'll really have to reconsider this cause my body needs a break.

Anywhoo...I enjoyed working at both places. I had several of my most wonderful clients visit. One set of twins even came in to see cause it was their birthday ~ heehee. They are a riot in a good way. Its nice to help people and see them smile because you take the time to help them. I really do love what I do and it will be hard to stop. The library wasn't as busy as last night so I read a little and checked out a magazine I've not read in forever ~ Today's Christian Woman. I also checked out a book on organizing your home but not for the tips, for the quotes. I leave you with this one and I'm off to bed for I'm very tired. Nite!

That which we persist in doing becomes easier
not that the nature of the task has changed
but our ability to do has increased.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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