Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knittin' & Readin'

Look what I made yesterday while I finished my book, "Catering to Nobody.". This is the Brick Patio done in a shade of peach (exact color later) Sugar n Creme cotton on 7s. Its a lot larger than I expected but I'm planning to make a few more soon. I started a new book, "Heaven's Price" but its a bit much on the details. Hmmm...I've not read anything like this in over 10yrs lol. I've another audio book "Bittersweet" and I'm thinking its gonna be more of the same. Good thing I'm didn't buy these, they are courtesy of the library and I can return them. I also will begin the next read for the WhoduKnit group, "Murder Most Crafty" and I can't wait. I'm enjoying my return to reading ~ its very refreshing.

Well, my wrist are getting tired. I'll update again soon and hopefully from a computer not my Blackberry. Nite!

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